Heyo, I’m Ian! Welcome to Cinepocalypse, the home for my thoughts on the films I watch.

My favorite film reviews are the ones that create a discussion. The critics I find most enjoyable to follow are the ones that write to extract the meaning the writer, director, and team put into the film. That meaning can come in many forms. It may be serious with themes that touch upon current politics, or it may be lighthearted with themes that focus on the love of family. There is no one size fits all when it comes to our media. Every movie has an audience, and every movie is loved and hated by many.

I focus on a movie’s purpose and themes because otherwise, our standard measurements for judging a film aren’t that useful anymore. Directing, editing, acting, and writing, alone are not enough. The movie viewing audience is vast and their tastes varied. I may be able to explain why a certain blockbuster superhero movie has good or bad writing and editing, but that won’t stop someone who is invested in those characters from enjoying it or someone else who doesn’t care about them thinking it’s “dumb”. Instead of fighting that, I’d rather look into discussing why that movie was made in the first place. I’d rather pursue finding what nuggets of joy and meaning someone might be able to find within it.

I’m always interested in hearing your thoughts too. Feel free to reach out to me whenever. Thank you, and enjoy!